• XxDeathTalonxX

    I get that most of you are in school, and are very, very busy.

    I'm sorry that I blamed you all for being on NC too much, because that doesn't really matter anymore, because I'll be back very, very soon.

    I really do care for you all, but it seems that what my point is supposed to be, is that in a month or so, I won't be here as often, and I want you all to understand that if I suddenly don't come to wiki for more than three weeks without notice, that it will be your responsibility to carry on without me.

    My time at wikia right now is not satisfactory, people who want to kill themselves, people insulting me here.. I just want this place to be safe, secure, peaceful, and fun.

    I worked for this, I assure you, it didn't come overnight. I don't blam…

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  • XxDeathTalonxX

    Memorial For Zayd

    September 17, 2013 by XxDeathTalonxX

    I hope that my friend Zayd rests in peace, and I wish the best for his family. His death was an unfortunate event, and should not have happened...

    For me, I may be a bit out if mood, still being affected by his loss.

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