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  • BCEngine

    As you all know, Jason is the Dec. Admin for the wiki. He has a TOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN Of EPICAL ideas, from pics to advertising, to fonts, layouts and IRC. HOLY COW That's a lot! and there's plenty more things, like attracting people, getting admins, and all that fun jazz. SOOOOOOO Let's all give a big hand to Jason, who has done so much already for the wiki! *Giant applause with huge firework display*

    And just a few things to put out there:

    Please, respect EVERYONE and EVERYTHING and EVERY RULE on this Wiki, and other wikis, too. NC is suffering from a lot of disrespect and people leaving, and I don't want this to happen on our wiki.

    We are a family. An online family, but we are together like one. Respect everyone. Be fair and kind. Love thy Ne…

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  • BCEngine

    Heyo, guys! 'Tis me, BCEngine!

    This is the first blog on here! YAAAAAAAAY! Where's my confetti cannon?

    Anyway, WELCOME! I'm really glad you all took a few minutes out of your day to read this short, insignificant blog. =)

    Soooooooooooo.... I'm guessing that's it!

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